Interactive Notebook Pages - Part 1

I wanted to share with you some of my student interactives that I use for the student output side of the Physical Science Interactive Notebook.  Students REALLY enjoy the variation of activities and you'll love the creativity that students show in their work!  Check out what teachers have to say about using Interactive Notebooks in Physical Science:

"LOVE THIS! So helpful! My kids love the activities and I love how easy it is to prepare the activities. I feel like I don't need to go out and buy a bunch of supplies to do fun, interactive things!"

"I absolutely LOVE your units!  Since I started incorporating these my students have gone from not all that into it and doing whatever bare minimum they could get away with to my last test I had every student pass!!! You have truly made a difference!"

 The following example of a student interactive is one I made for teaching the Conservation of Energy.  In this activity students are asked to draw a scene (onto a "movie strip") that would illustrate the Law of Conservation of Energy.  They then place their "movie strip" behind the television cut-out and can slide it to show their example.

 Another interactive example is using this circle foldable to help with three-variable equations - in this case a work equation:

The final example I would like to share with you today is one I created to help explain how lightning forms during a storm.  With this lightning foldable, students cut it out then need to sequence the events of a lightning strike on each side.  Just thought it was a lot more fun then just writing down a paragraph!

You can find these interactives and more in The Complete Physical Science Interactive Notebook which covers all topics taught throughout the year!

I would love to feature some of your students notebooks on my blog if you ever want to share - I know you'll be so proud of their beautiful work!


  1. Hello Erica - i d/l your complete physics notebook course yesterday & am planning to use it at home with my 2 boys who are home educated. They have expressed an interest in physics & I found your product on TeachersPayTeachers. So today i got the notebooks & will be starting the course on Monday - i will let you know how it goes. I think they will enjoy the notebook-based projects & I'm looking forward to getting started. Rachael (UK)

    1. Good Morning Rachael,

      It's been almost a month, so I was just checking in to see how things are going with the interactive notebook and if you had any questions?

      Take care,

  2. I just downloaded the Physical Science interactive notebook and I would like to have a copy of the parent letter that you have them sign at the end of the units.

    1. I know others have asked about it too - so I'll post it as a free product in my store soon. Just make sure you follow me to get the update when it's posted! Thank you!

  3. I downloaded your Complete Physical Science package. I am excited to try it, but have some questions. First, I teach high school, I know you say 5-12, but do you think it is appropriate for high school age kids. Second, in your class do you supplement to your curriculum or is what I purchased everything you do in a year? It will be my first time teaching physical science and I wanted something fun and different and your product looks like it could fit the bill.


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