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Like most teachers, you will find that a substitute teacher is needed every now and then. Sometimes the absence is planned and sometimes it is not. Substitute teachers have a very difficult job. Not only are they expected to cover a classroom full of often unknown students, but they also usually receive very short notice on the days they are to work.

substitute plans science teacherMore often than not substitute teachers find they are left with very little information and direction provided to them. Don’t be that teacher – set your substitute up for a successful day by utilizing my Secondary Science Sub Plans.  

This download includes two components: 1. An editable substitute handbook in which you can fill in information such as classroom policies, emergency procedures and contacts and even helpful students; and 2. Secondary science lessons that will engage students and allows them to be self-directed learners.

This resource will give a substitute teacher the tools he or she needs to make sure that both they and the students have a productive day.  I can promise you by showing the substitute teacher that you’re taking the time to help them, they will always be on call to help you.

substitute plans science teachereScience Lessons Included:

Communicating with Graphs - students are asked to either use different graphs to answer the questions, or use the data to complete the graphs (line, bar and age structure).

Arachnid Id - Students are given informational cards on 12 different spiders and are asked to read them in order to solve a puzzle that uses descriptions from the cards.

Periodic Table Word Search - Students are given element symbols and will need to use the Periodic Table to discover the name of the element  in order to search for it in the word search. you have the science lesson, but just need the editable substitute teacher handbook?  Click on the picture to check out this invaluable resource.
substitute teacher

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  1. My husband teaches 8th grade Science and he will love these ideas! Thanks!!

  2. Great blog post! Thanks for joining the Secondary Smorgasbord Blog Hop this month! As a science teacher, these sub materials look fantastic!!

  3. The Arachnid ID sounds delightfully creepy and fun. What a great way to spend the day when your teacher is out. Thanks for sharing!


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