Plate Tectonics and Sea Floor Spreading for Science Interactive Notebooks

Teaching the concept of sea-floor spreading can be easily modeled using my simple, yet powerful interactive resource for science interactive notebooks.
Earth Science Interactive Notebooks - sea floor spreading
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Using the given template
Plate tectonics earth science sea-floor spreading
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and a sheet of colored paper, students will be able to manipulate a model that will allow them to visualize, label, and describe the evidence of Hess's theory of sea-floor spreading which include evidence from molten material, magnetic stripes and drilling samples.  This activity can be found in my Earth Science Interactive Notebook: Plate Tectonic chapter which also features INB activities for:

Plate tectonics sea-floor spreading

All of my science interactive notebook chapters come with the TEACHER INPUT NOTES (as seen above in first picture), detailed instructions for STUDENT OUTPUT ACTIVITIES, MINI-QUIZZES for each concept of the chapter and ANSWER KEYS!

Have fun and enjoy watching your students get excited about their Science Interactive Notebooks!


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