It's Finally Here! The Complete Life Science Interactive Notebook

I can't thank you enough for your patience while I finished this project. I believe you'll think it was well worth the wait...

This Complete Life Science Interactive Notebook will give you an ENTIRE YEAR of concepts that are ALL aligned to the NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARDS.  I think you'll be pleased to find foldables and activities that you won't find anywhere else.  I tried really hard to be original so that you got your money's worth with this one.

Each concept has everything you need: directions, printables, photos, large print notes, templates, mini-quizzes and I've even thrown in some pages for your master notebook to save you even more time.  I know in the world of teaching that's even more precious than gold!

Here's a sampler of what you will find in this download:
Now, when I say it's the Complete Life Science Interactive Notebook, I mean it.  All you have to do is make the copies and supply the scissors, paper and glue - your students will do the rest (and I can guarantee their interest and engagement will definitely increase)!

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Science Interactive Notebook - Life Science
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  1. Erica - I can't thank you enough for this wonderful resource! I decided to plunge into interactive science notebooks this year for my 7th grade life sciences class and your resources are invaluable. My kids have responded very positively to maintaining their notebooks and becoming creative with their work.

    1. You have made my day - I love it when teachers share how much their students are enjoying working in their interactive notebooks! Thank you!


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