Earth Science Interactive Notebook - Astronomy and Space Science

Science Interactive Notebook, Earth Science, Solar System, Lunar Cycle, Seasons, Sun, Earth, Moon, Stars and Galaxies, Space Exploration

Students are going to have a "blast" with these Earth Science Interactive Notebook activities which will take their learning of ASTRONOMY AND SPACE SCIENCE to a whole new level!

Activity 1: Earth's Motion
Students create a model of Earth's rotational axis to understand what causes the cycle of seasons in the northern hemisphere.

Activity 2: The Moon - Earth's Satellite
Students need to identify and unscramble a set of moon phase cards to create a flip book of the lunar cycle which stores neatly in a pocket.

Activity 3: The Solar System
Given a page of diagrams along with descriptions, students will need to match one to the other to help them sequence the formation of the solar system.

Activity 4: The Planets
Using the scale given to them, students will need to calculate the distance of each planet from the sun.  Then, using that data, they will create a scale model of the solar system using the cut-outs provided.  Don't worry, another pocket template is provided to help students neatly tuck away their solar system when their not showing it off to their parents and friends.

Activity 5: Stars and Galaxies
Students will read a passage provided on the life cycle of stars and will need to use their new knowledge to fill in the phases of a star's life cycle, depending on the mass of the star.

Activity 6: Space Exploration
There's not a more fun way to explain a space shuttle mission sequence then to create a model of one on a pop-out card showcasing each step from pre-launch to landing.

I had a lot of fun creating this chapter for you all - Enjoy!!


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