Gearing up for Back to School

While you’re out stocking up on supplies and trying to get past the crowds in the “Back to School” isles in stores, don’t forget to pick up your supplies for your Science Interactive Notebooks.
I’ve been working hard (and as quickly as possible) to get out chapters for a Physical Science Interactive Notebook for an ENTIRE YEAR!!  After that I’ll be focusing on a year of Life Science.  You can either wait until I have the entire year wrapped up in one bundle (estimated Sept 2013) or get started now with the chapters in my store that are currently finished – starting from the beginning of the year:

  • The Nature of Science
  • Motion and Forces
  • Energy, Work and Simple Machines
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Waves (will be finished this week)

Click on previews below to check out store and products that are available.


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