Let’s take a vote this holiday season…Pumpkins or SPIDERS?!?!  If it was my class, spiders would win hands down!  I was just having some fun with spiders and wanted to share this activity packet with you to use during this “spooky season”.  This download includes the following activities that is intended to be used as a “seasonal substitute” in your science classes for a special “trick-or-treat”!

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  1. Spider Silhouettes – copy, cut and place around your classroom, inside textbooks, on windows or wherever these beauties would like to sit and wait for their prey J
  2. Spider Identification Cards – 12 cards featuring some amazing spiders that you can pass out to groups of students in order to read and use to complete the puzzle “Name That Arachnid”.
  3. Spider Research – using the same format as the Spider Identification Cards, have students either choose a spider to research and present or use the pictures included to get the students started.
  4. ‘Parts of a Spider’ is the activity to use before bringing out spider specimens to look at using a dissecting scope or magnifying glass.  I have included a Spider Labeling sheet for a spider’s outer structure and a more challenging labeling sheet of the anatomy of a spider.
  5. Preserve a Spider Web – a fun activity to assign students over a weekend so they can bring in their webs to showcase (and it’s great as holiday decoration for your room!).
Have a Happy Halloween from Nitty Gritty Science!

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