Secondary Smorgasbord 'Happy Hour' - Jitterbug Chemical Reactions

Secondary teachers are doing it again...they're coming together, with the help of Darlene Anne from The Ela Buffet and Pamela Kranz from Desktop Learning Adventures, to bring you a wealth of resources from all content areas in this bloghop: Secondary Smorgasbord.

This month's featured theme is "Happy Hour" where we're offering free and fabulous resources, and this time saying "...maybe just one more" won't lead to greasy food and a splitting headache in the morning!

For my free and fabulous product, I'm offering an activity that's found in the Chemical Bonds & Equation chapter of The Complete Physical Science Interactive Notebook - Jitterbug Chemical Reactions.  Students need to be able to distinguish between different types of chemical reactions (i.e. synthesis, decomposition, single and double displacement), so what do you think they would prefer: 

Mg + 2HCl --> MgCl2 + H2  

That's what I thought.  This freebie offers a fantastic visualization that is not only cute, but takes a very overwhelming concept and makes it fun and manageable. Just by adding this little spin to your lesson, you will have a concept that was once overwhelming to most, mastered in seconds by all.  What you will be left with is confident chemistry students and one happy teacher when you know your students  just "got it!" Check it out here:

Again, be sure to check out the other free and fabulous resources from the Happy Hour Linky found on The Ela Buffet and Desktop Learning Adventures.


  1. This idea is absolutely adorable!! It's been fun getting to know you!

  2. Love this product! It is a little beyond my six-ers but your directions and visuals are so clear that it could be an enrichment center for my accelerated group. Thanks for the freebie. Great to link up with you for the Secondary Smorgasbord!


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