Nerd Lib Link-Up

Remember those travel size books of ad libs our parents would buy us for car trips to keep us quiet...well the joke was on them because we always thought they were so funny we had to read them out loud to prove just how hysterical we were.

Well, Mel and Gerdy are bringing the laughs back - especially from some of your favorite bloggers. Here's my Saturday Nerd Lib:

Who needs an alarm clock when you have two very energetic kiddos?  So many mornings I wish I had their energy...why didn't I get that "morning person" gene?  I could definitely use it in the mornings that I tell myself that I'm going to work out...then I think, tomorrow would probably be a better day to start.  So, I choose the hoodie over the sports bra, grab a cup of coffee and yes, I've even grabbed pizza for breakfast once or twice in my day.  With brain food in hand and body fully caffeinated, it's time to plug into the network and start working on the next chapter of my Earth Science Interactive Notebook.  I've just finished my second chapter Forces That Shape the Earth found here:

Thanks for the fun morning Mel and Gerdy - looking forward to reading the others!!


  1. I love the dinosaur roasting marshmallows at the volcano! :D Carol's Teaching Garden

    1. Oh good, you could tell what it was - I was a little nervous when I made this cover :)

  2. You have me craving pizza - yum!!


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