TpT Sellers are Giving Back

Every year when I’m taking my daughters around looking at all the lights and watching their faces light up at the simple things, I am flooded with memories of my oldest daughter being surrounded by blinking lights from her monitors in her hospital room for the first 8 months of her life. 

Those days were some of the hardest of my husband’s and my life, but we’re past them now and we have a happy, healthy little girl who brings joy to every person she meets.  We had so much support from family and friends through those hard days, but the reason my daughter is sitting here painting next to me while I type this is because of the diligent care and knowledge of her medical team at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

This season my family will be giving back to Seattle Children’s and will let them know that we will always be grateful for their love and support.  So, on December 14, 2014, I will donate 100% of my sales from my Nitty Gritty Science Store to help the children and families that might not be able to spend their holidays in their own home this year, but are at least getting the important care they need from Seattle Children’s so they can be there soon! 

So please, if you have some items on your wish list, know that by purchasing them on December 14th, you will not only be getting a first rate lesson plan, but you will also be helping children receive the first rate care they deserve!  

Please make sure to check out other seller's stores as many will also be donating a percentage of their sales that day!  Look for this logo on store pages to see who's participating!

Note: If you are a TpT seller and would like to join me and the others that are giving back, check out the forum for tips and logos:

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